Secluded within
the gates of DESIRE.

It is a natural progression that Hirsh would take his style of comfortable opulence to an urban setting. In a coveted locale surrounded by some of Toronto’s most elegant homes, Hirsh crafts the picture of carefree living and luxury vacation homes, at home.

Positioned in Forest Hill’s southernmost gradient, Russell Hill is an area synonymous with grace and sophistication. Opposite the lush Nordheimer Ravine and minutes from downtown, 200 Russell Hill offers an urban lifestyle with a spectacular pastoral backdrop. A sanctuary within the city, it is easy to realize why Hirsh chose this enclave to unveil his monument to luxury and leisure.

The five-storey canvas at 200 Russell Hill Road is poised to become the byword in refinement and carefree living, ready to be personalized by its vibrant owners.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

Frank Gehry


The impressive drive towards the breathtaking building sets the stage for unparalleled splendor. The French architecture of the chateau is wreathed by meticulously landscaped grounds framed with symmetrical boxwood hedging and an enduring limestone fountain—the focal point and soundtrack of tranquility. Alight under the cover of a porte-cochère, and be received by a valet and concierge who know each resident and their preferences.

Synergizing traditional and modern styles, the foyer emphasizes an art deco façade with high polished floors and brass detailing, while the rear shows off incredible views of the park through a gazing curtain wall. These elements pour into the suites, featuring rotunda foyers, curved walls, and cove ceilings that meld into the floor. Whimsically elegant or modernly linear, the interior narrative for 200 Russell Hill is written in black and white, allowing for a timeless elegance that appeals to the longevity of design.


Reinventing the standard
in home design.

When you step into one of Lori Morris’ masterpieces, you are instantly transported. Every corner indulged with detail, every hand-selected texture bathed in intrigue. Layers continually unveil themselves as every glance bares something new. Rooms become movements in a symphony of colour and light composed of statement pieces parceled in beauty and feeling.

Lori Morris focuses her attention on French architectural styles and the subtle sophistication of modern design. Cleverly mod or traditionally French, her designs pull inspiration from symmetrical facades adorned with lavish engravings, stone balconies and masonry ornaments. The two creative approaches of Lori Morris result in a one-of-a-kind elegance that weaves romantic tales through tall second storey windows that break through the cornice and rise above the eaves.